YUI: Vim Syntax and AutoComplete (v0.1)

Here are a couple of files to make working with the YUI in vim/gvim a little easier.

Currently the only supported methods are: YAHOO, YAHOO.util, YAHOO.util.Dom, YAHOO.util.Event, YAHOO.util.CustomEvent, YAHOO.util.Anim & YAHOO.Tools


Install Instructions

I'm not going to give full instructions, because if you are using vim you should know where these files go 8-)

Place the javascript.vim file in the syntax directory. And place the javascriptcomplete.vim file in the autoload directory.

Enable Code Completion

In your .vimrc file place this line:
autocmd FileType javascript set omnifunc=javascriptcomplete#CompleteJS

Using Code Completion

From Insert mode, hit the following keys to use code completion.
ctrl + X, ctrl + O