YUI: Rich Text Editor for Wordpress Plugin

Update (12.05.07) - Updated the plugin to YUI Version 2.4.0. Fixed a couple of bugs and switched the comment editor over to the new SimpleEditor (for lighter pages), also minimized all internal JS scripts as well.

Update (09.25.07) - Updated the plugin to YUI Version 2.3.1. Fixed a couple of bugs and added support for not rendering the Editor if a highend mobile phone is detected.

I have created a Wordpress plugin to replace the default Rich Text Editor in Wordpress with the newly released YUI Rich Text Editor

Note: This plugin has only been tested on Wordpress versions 2.0.3 and 2.1.

Demo the plugin

You can demo the plugin here: http://rte.davglass.com

The comments feature of the plugin has been activated, you can test the post editor by logging in with the username and password of: rte

Please be nice with the posts and the comments or I will have to turn off the demo.

Installing the Plugin

First download the plugin from here: wp-yui-rte.tar.gz

Next, unpack it under your Wordpress plugins directory. /wp-content/plugins

Now, log into your blog and click on the Plugins tab.

Click the Activate link next to the newly installed plugin.

Now click on the Users tab.

Check the box next to "Use the visual rich editor when writing" on this page.

You should now have the new YUI Rich Text Editor when you write a post.

Fixing the Allowed HTML in WordPress

By Default WordPress is a little strict on their allowed HTML. To fix this, add the following PHP to the bottom of your wp-config.php file.

Activating the Rich Text Editor for comments

Click on the Plugin tab, then click on Plugin Editor.

Now click on the WP YUI Rich Text Editor link on the right side of the page.

Change this line:

To this:

Post Screenshot

Comments Screenshot